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Crossing paths with Christy Anne Jones for the first time

As a writer, it is sometimes difficult to sit down and do the actual writing. Music can motivate you and create a positive writing atmosphere, but sometimes it isn’t enough. That is why I love using “write with me” videos. It usually has calming music, but other than a playlist, it creates the illusion of working with someone else.

I’ve been using Rachael Stephen’s “write with me” video since the second half of 2021 and I’ve been loving it! Especially because it is 30 min long – great for 15 minute writing sprints.

Since I’ve probably been watching and re-watching Rachael’s video to death, YouTube’s algorithm recommended one of Christy Anne Jones’ “write with me” videos.

It wasn’t exactly like Rachael Stephen’s “write with me” video, but I found it was calming to watch and it inspired met to spend my time writing. I particularly liked how Christy Anne points out the beauty in her everyday life. Noting the trees’ blossoms, the little mouse or fairy door built on the wall of a big building, the coffee she ordered at the cafe and the Studio Ghibli soundtrack on YouTube.

However, when I tire of reusing Rachael Stephen’s “write with me” video, I do not turn to this video of Christy Anne. There is another “write with me” video of her I like to use instead. It is an hour long writing session! Perfect for longer writing sprints.

I especially enjoy the footage of the incredible library in this video! I’ve been in an enormous library before, but none was as classic looking as this one! I would just move in and stay there for days! The music in this video is also very comforting and easy to write to.

Apart from all that, Christy Anne’s focus and typing finesse in this video is super motivating. Every time I feel like stopping, I just see her typing away, inspiring me to continue and press on.

So, who is Christy Anne Jones?

Christy Anne Jones is a writer, videographer and YouTuber who lives in Adelaide, Australia.

She used to work as a Digital Marketing Coordinator, but recently (in 2021) quit her job to focus on her writing, her YouTube channel, Patreon and other creative projects.

Why do I admire her?

I admire Christy Anne Jones for her work ethnic, creativity and for the difficult carrier choices she had to make in her life.

When she was still in school, she started working at a retail job to earn money. At University she first applied for an Arts Degree, planning on majoring in English and Anthropology. However, because of financial reasons and the fear of not getting a sustainable job, she made the hard life decision by switching to a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Marketing.

It was only a few years later that she did a Masters in Writing Literature, while still working on the side.

I admire Christy for making these hard decisions, but also for not giving up on her dream of becoming a writer and creator.

Being able to sacrifice your dreams or putting them on hold for a little while in order to survive is an extremely difficult thing to do. It is even more difficult to prevent those dreams from disappearing all together.

I also went to study in the Arts, but unlike Christy Anne, I didn’t switch to something else. This resulted in me searching, applying, and scouring for jobs in my expertise. Most of these jobs didn’t pay well, causing me to apply for other alternative opportunities – tutoring, administrative jobs and client services.

These jobs were super draining and didn’t pay extremely well. It took me five years to get a sustainable job in the field that I studied for and I love doing. Watching and learning about Christy Anne’s journey now fills me with hope that I too might regain the dreams I had to sacrifice along the way.

Thank you, Christy Anne Jones, for the example you set for us and for the inspirational, magical and colourful content you create.

Her Art


She has written lots of articles which are available on her blog and recently one of her short stories, The Mercy of Sea Foam, got published in Voiceworks #123 Pickle. Christy Anne is also working towards publishing a fantasy novel in the future.

Below is a video of Christy reading her short story out loud;


Her videos and vlogs range from painting, drawing, reading, book reviews and recommendations, travel videos (especially of the time she lived in Tokyo), a week in her life and essay or poetry style videos.

What do I enjoy about her videos?

Christy Anne Jones’ videos opened up a whole new video content world filled with the artistic gems. I particularly love and enjoy her essay and poetry vlogs.

They are mostly short videos of her busy doing something. Whether it is mundane everyday housework, baking, cooking, writing or something more relaxing, like reading or painting.

Cinematography and Music

The video angles Christy Anne use are systematically pleasing. She is very aware of what looks beautiful and how to use this with the ideal lightning and soundtrack.

Some of my favourite elements in her footage are her candle with the dangling silver charms. It turns in a circle because of the hot air that rises. I also love her origami white and red bird, her iconic see through teacup and her use of warm light of her lamp.

Her use of music enhances the idyllic feeling she creates with her cinematography and in its own turn contributes to a calming atmosphere as you watch the message that is about to unfold.

I marvel at these everyday artifacts for their beauty and simplicity, because they make the ordinary life seem a bit more enchanting. This makes me look around in my home at my everyday artifacts and wonder about the beauty or magical elements that they might posses. Just like her words on her blog encourage us to do;

Searching for magic in between the cracks of ordinary objects.

Christy Anne Jones

Through the use of ideal lighting, stylised video angles and music, we can make almost anything beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that these things weren’t beautiful from the start. There truly is beauty in the everyday mundane and I thank Christy for making me realise this.


Regarding her writing in these vlogs, they are like poems. Short snippets of words appearing on the screen as the beautiful cinematography plays in the background. Some words rhyme as they comment on life, but others are more like essays.

These poems and essay vlogs struck a cord with me as she talks about things I also struggle with and yearn for. It makes me stop and think, contemplating about my life and where I am at that moment. This introspection helps me to remember the things I’ve gone through, re-examining my life and to decide what my desired future looks like.

You can read these poems on her website or listen to it on her YouTube Profile.

Four of my favourite essay vlogs & video poetry

Even though there are so many short essays and poetry videos, I picked these four because they are the ones I relate to the most.

An ode to empty notebooks

I love the literal and figurative meaning behind this poetry style essay vlog. At the surface level Christy Anne talks about the joy and excitement of all the possibilities an empty notebook contains. It is “unexplored like the vast bottom of the ocean”, she says.

However, at the same moment, this excitement is overshadowed with the fear that you will destroy the perfectism found in empty notebooks. Leaving these “forgotten creatures”, as Christy refers to them, hidden away. These notebooks can also refer to forgotten dreams, adventures or even empty lives.

Figuratively, if we try to live like empty notebooks, we’ll always have the possibility to be great and remain faultless. But by doing this, it will also prevent us from ever doing anything.

There is no joy in empty notebooks.

Christy Anne Jones

Life is not perfect. We need to make room for our mistakes and imperfections, otherwise we’ll never be able to really live. There is beauty in imperfections, because “where can there be beauty where there is only empty”.

She makes this message even more powerful with the visual elements that support it – notebooks she piles up and examples of her own writing and ripped out pages. It emphasises the things being said, setting the right tone for the message conveyed in her vlog.

Like so many other of her vlogs, it encourages me to finish the notebooks and dreams I’ve started, instead of tossing it aside for a newer, temporarily perfect one.

To the people who feel paused

Christy Anne posted this video on the 17th of January 2021, almost a year since the entire world was exposed to Covid-19.

The footage in this video is very simplistic. It is mainly of Christy Anne making tea, eating pancakes, cleaning and reading. A visual representation of most of our lives during the past two years.

We all during 2020 up till now have had to put plans on hold or even cancel some. This had different effects on everyone. For me, I sometimes didn’t feel I could do or dream about anything other than work, cooking, cleaning, showering and sleeping. Each day felt the same and weekends were uninteresting and empty.

Christy’s video made me realise that just like her, even though I didn’t achieve any of my grand goals, there are so many other things we achieved. Reminding us we shouldn’t measure or weigh the value of our lives with our resolution lists, but take pride and joy in the small and quiet things we achieve every day.

We so rarely realise that these minor tasks aren’t always easy to do. We expect ourselves to just do it and, scold ourselves if we cannot.

Let us look back at 2020 and 2021 with soften eyes and recognise how much we did, learned and grew. Let us take comfort because even though we feel paused, we aren’t in the same place we were, nor are we the same people before 2020.

I’ve always wanted to learn the piano

I’m sure most if not all of us have one or more things we still want to do or achieve with our lives, but as with so many things, we keep postponing it. We find excuses to do it later until we write it off because we’ve decided it is too late.

In this essay vlog Christy Anne explores exactly this, while trying to dust off one of the many skills she would love to master – playing the piano.

I have always had the desire to keep on learning and trying new things. When I am old and wrinkled, I want to look back at my life knowing that I’ve done so many things. I don’t want to be smothered by the fear that it is too late and useless to learn a new skill. However, my motivation and desire to actually finish something is always hindered by work and mundane household chores.

But watching Christy Anne’s video inspires me to keep on trying. To dust off whatever dream I have and to learn and practise whenever I can. Her video is an anthem for everyone who still has things they’ve yet to try or accomplish.

What I love the most about her video essay is that she didn’t use footage of her playing the piano faultlessly. She showed us how she gets frustrated in her errors, but how she pushes through – determined to master this skill.

So let’s all make our dreams and goals a reality by starting today and by doing a little bit when we can.

Slow down; you deserve a moment to breath

Along with dreams and things we want to achieve, there are sometimes things we enjoy doing just for the sake of it. However, because we only focus our energy on the things that provide us with an income, we brush aside our hobbies and creative outlets. Using whatever spare time we have left only for household chores.

Christy Anne Jones’ peaceful essay vlog, Slow down; you deserve a moment to breathe, helped me reassess and yearn to make time for the things that bring me joy. To stop weighing it against what we deem more important and wondering if we are allowed to make time to just enjoy our lives.

Life is beautiful and like another vlogger, Morgan Long, frequently says; “We are meant to enjoy our lives”. We all have responsibilities yes, but we also have the responsibility to ourselves to rest and full our creative well.

Thank you, Christy Anne Jones for the meaningful content you create and for reminding us to take it slow.


Art, in all its forms, has the power to make the viewer see the world with new eyes. It tells stories, creates awareness and changes our perspectives. This blog is dedicated to appreciating art and artists. Focusing on how they bring colour into our ordinary lives.

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