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Why I love Stardew Valley

Why I started playing Stardew Valley Games I enjoy playing the most are the ones that allow me to explore the virtual world, see new things, gather or find artefacts, build and craft things, but most of all a game that has a story element. However, there also needs to be a sense of continuity and progress as you complete a mission, craft things, or build relationships. I explained this to my brother-in-law once when we were talking about games and the aspects of games we enjoy the most. This is when he suggested I try playing Stardew Valley and...

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The art within Stardew Valley

Do you consider video games as a type of art? Video games are different from all forms of art because they are an amalgam of all the art forms. They exist out of illustration, narration, music, and so much more. By combining multiple art forms together, they create a platform that allows the audience to not only view the artist’s creation but to understand the deeper meaning embedded within the artwork through experiencing it. What is Stardew Valley? At first, Stardew Valley might seem like an average mundane game, but there are so many interesting story elements, beautifully composed music,...